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Our History

Maloneys invites you to raise a pint, chat up a friend.


The word pub originates from the term public house which references a community gathering place or focal point within the community for socializing and sharing stories, daily events, and in our case, great food with a great beverage.

The idea is to bring the best of what Ireland has to offer to the States. Creating a true and authentic public house environment is the hallmark of Maloney's Local Irish Pub, bringing the "Craic" of the Irish to our pubs. "Craic" (Pronounced crack) means a fun, friendly and exuberant atmosphere.


The true flavor of Ireland permeates every aspect of our establishment, from every stone, mural and decor, to our distinctive recipes and music. Our staff exudes the natural warmth and good-hearted ambiance of the Irish, who are sure to keep your stomachs, and pints, full to your hearts content.

Our Mission Statement
-To provide a true Irish experience in every way.
-A clean, warm, inviting pub
-Genuinely friendly staff
-A gathering place for the entire community
-Exceptional Irish fare
-A passion for the perfect pint

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